Pricing Information

Piercing Pricing

Most single piercings (with the exception of genital, surface and microdermal piercings} are $30 for one and $50 for two (on the same person) and includes starter jewelry and sea salt for cleaning. Premium jewelry is priced separately. We have a variety of jewelry available for most standard piercings and will vary on size, style and type of metal. We also can special order jewelry and have many catalogs to choose from.

Tattoo Pricing

The shop minimum for any tattoo at Old Anchor is $50. Smaller, simpler tattoos are generally priced by the piece while larger, more complex pieces will be priced at an hourly rate.

All tattoo pieces are priced at the discretion of the artist doing the work. They are based on the size, location, complexity of the piece. It is also a good idea for you to have a realistic budget for your tattoo so that we can be sure to design for your budget. Please remember that quality is the most important part of any tattoo. We at Old Anchor are committed to giving you our best work at an affordable price. All touch ups for tattoos that we have done are free for one year.

Quoted prices are also non-negotiable. Your tattoo isn’t a used car or something on clearance, it is an expression of your life that will be with you until you die so please respect that.

Tattoo Appointments

All tattoo appointments will require a non-refundable deposit. Deposits go towards the final cost of the tattoo. We understand that sometimes life happens, so if you need to cancel and reschedule then we would be happy to keep your deposit on file for your future work. In the case of cancellations with no immediate plans for reschedule, we can provide an Old Anchor Gift Certificate in the amount of your deposit. No show / no calls forfeit their deposit without exception.

Gift Certificates

For you generous, gift-giving folks, Old Anchor does offer gift certificates!