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Steve Schram

Tattoo Artist

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I guess I’ll just start a the beginning. I was born in 1980 in Kalamazoo Mi. Shortly after that my parents finished their house in Portage where I was raised and went to school. I did all the normal things that little boys do. Played with toy guns, made forts in the woods, made messes ,and played with matches. I never really got into art until I got in to middle school, and things really kicked in when I got into 11th and 12th grade. My senior year I took as many classes that had to do with art as I could. Like five or six a semester. At this time I got away from the painting and 2-D art and really looked at pottery. I saw it as a lot more hands on, and creative. Maybe just less structured than drawing and painting. I truly fell in love. By the time I graduated I was playing in clay for six hours a day, never leaving the class room, rarely even taking a break. My teacher saw my focus on the medium and pointed me towards the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts.(KIA) I quickly signed up for classes in the summer, and didn’t stop for 8 years. I put all my time and heart into the traditional Japanese forms and firing techniques, finding a very “loose” style, pigging-backing off of Japanese masters and national treasures.

While I was taking classes at the KIA, I was also working full time at a body shop in town. I was always into cars and saw this as an opportunity to get hands on with a subject that I was already involved in. After starting at the bottom of the totem pole, a began working on high-end classics and street rods. While working I started to see more and more custom paints on cars and basic flame jobs. By seeing what people were producing in the area, I thought to myself, “I can do that.” So I bought an airbrush and played around with taping out flames and painting skulls. I quickly began getting notice by friends and was asked to do full paint jobs on motorcycles. After doing a few I thought I could get paid for this, and started Sopa Airbrush Art and Design.

I began getting tattooed at age 18. I had a few smaller pieces and wanted something larger. I got a “half sleeve” started when I was 19. The only problem is that the artist that was working on me moved away. That is when I found “Crab”. He finished the started artwork, and began my other arm. While getting tattooed, Crab and I would talk about old cars and some of the airbrush work I was doing. He was interested in having me do some work for the shop. I agreed, and started painting some of the old dentist chairs they had in the tattoo booths. After finishing the chairs I was asked if I was interested in tattooing. After some self speculation, I agreed and started my apprenticeship in August of 2005, and started tattooing full time in January of 2006.

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